Erik Pages

Erik R. Pages is a board member of the Global Entrepreneurship Network and the president of EntreWorks Consulting, an economic development consulting and policy development firm focused on helping communities and organizations achieve their entrepreneurial potential. EntreWorks works with a diverse base of clients including state and local governments, Chambers of Commerce, business leaders, educational institutions, and non-profits. Since its founding, EntreWorks has worked with customers in 46 US states and overseas. Recent strategic planning engagements include projects for the Appalachian Regional Commission, Colombia’s Ministry for Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC), the Pacific Mountain Alliance for Innovation (WA), the Northeast Pennsylvania Alliance, the US Small Business Administration, and the Appalachian Regional Commission. EntreWorks has also helped design statewide entrepreneurship and business development programs in Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, and North Carolina. Program evaluation projects include work for the Pentagon’s Office of Economic Adjustment, the Maryland Economic Development Corporation, Georgia’s Centers of Innovation program, the Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing, the Kauffman Foundation, and Maine’s Department of Community and Economic Development. Previously, Dr. Pages served as Policy Director for the National Commission on Entrepreneurship (NCOE), where he directed the Commission’s research and policy operations. Before joining NCOE, he served as Vice President for Policy and Programs at Business Executives for National Security (BENS). Dr. Pages has also held several positions in government, including as the first Director of the Office of Economic Conversion Information (OECI) at the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA). In this position, he helped lead efforts to assist communities affected by military base closings and defense plant shutdowns. He has also worked on Capitol Hill and as an analyst for the Congressional Research Service. Dr. Pages regularly speaks across the United States on issues of community and economic development.

Other team members

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