Impact Stories

GEN-Ghana envisions a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem that fosters the best opportunities for starting and scaling a business, encompassing the following elements:

  • Greater networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Access to capital and markets
  • Mentorship and guidance
  • Good research and innovation
  • Government and policy support
  • More
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Launched at Startup Weekend, Dropifi takes on Silicon Valley

In November 2011, Ghanaian entrepreneurs Kamil Nabong, David Osei and Philips Effah founded Dropifi during Startup Weekend, a GEN-Ghana event. About 20 months later, it became the first African company to join the 500 Startups program in Silicon Valley, a seed accelerator and investment fund.

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Providing a Springboard for Alloysius and Farmerline

''An aspiring entrepreneur, had a dream of starting his own business but struggled with self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Working with a life coach, he identified the fears and negative thought patterns that were holding him back. Through targeted coaching exercises and mindset shifts, John gained confidence, developed a strong belief in his abilities, and overcame his limiting beliefs. He eventually launched his business, which thrived and surpassed his initial expectations.''