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Launched at Startup Weekend, Dropifi takes on Silicon Valley

In November 2011, Ghanaian entrepreneurs Kamil Nabong, David Osei and Philips Effah founded Dropifi during Startup Weekend, a GEN-Ghana event. About 20 months later, it became the first African company to join the 500 Startups program in Silicon Valley, a seed accelerator and investment fund.

These success stories highlight the diverse ways in which life coaching can empower individuals to overcome challenges, transform their lives, and find greater fulfillment and happiness. The collaborative partnership between a skilled life coach and their client can be instrumental in achieving personal growth, realizing goals, and unlocking one's full potential.

Whether it's career transitions, personal growth, relationships, or health and well-being, a skilled life coach can provide the guidance and tools needed to help individuals achieve their desired outcomes and live a more fulfilled and purposeful life.''

GEN Impact Stories

We want you to unlearn everything that has been holding you back. Stop waiting for that magical moment when all the stars align and take that first step.

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Providing a Springboard for Alloysius and Farmerline

''An aspiring entrepreneur, had a dream of starting his own business but struggled with self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Working with a life coach, he identified the fears and negative thought patterns that were holding him back. Through targeted coaching exercises and mindset shifts, John gained confidence, developed a strong belief in his abilities, and overcame his limiting beliefs. He eventually launched his business, which thrived and surpassed his initial expectations.''

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